Advanced Rust Prevention

Manufactured in Indiana, AgriGuard™ leverages over 45-years of industrial coating research to provide the most effective rust prevention solution available today. AgriGuard™ Coating Systems are a backed team of engineers and veteran coating professionals with years of trusted research and product development experience within the protective coating industry.

We offer a total service solution to the agricultural industry, the farmer, the equipment owner, the at home DIYer, or anyone looking for rust coating in a paint product. AgriGuard™ offers full technical support for implementation and completion of the application process, all in accordance with the ISO 12944 guidelines. 

Rust Coating Technology

Originally developed by farmers for farmers, AgriGuard was created a coating that was easy to apply and strong enough to handle the rigors of the agricultural market.

AgriGuard™ employs a proprietary polymer formulation specifically designed to encapsulate rust and weathered metal. This unique coating directly attacks corrosion deposits and permeates directly through to the underlying steel. This results in a highly integral, rock-hard, permanent protective finish that prevents rust from creeping into surrounding metal.

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