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    Rust Prevention Coatings

    AgriGuard™ can be used on all types of equipment to quickly encapsulate and prevent the spread of rust while providing a new-look finish that will last for several years. 

    Farm Machinery and Implements

    AgriGuard Rust Coater and AgriGuard Spray topcoats have been specifically designed for the rigors of daily operations and exposure to the environment. Used on all types of agricultural equipment, AgriGuard prevents the spread of rust on tractors, combines, loaders and all other types of farm machinery.

    Heavy Equipment

    Jobsite Proven. AgriGuard is a major provider to all types of heavy equipment manufacturers and fleet equipment owners for construction, mining, and much more. Suitable for application right on the jobsite, AgriGuard offers construction equipment owners and mechanics a highly durable and fast-drying coating system that will keep equipment looking new and protected from corrosion.

    Automotive & Truck

    AgriGuard is an ideal solution for all types of automotive and truck applications. It has been used for years by professional restoration and repair body shops to refurbish and protect valuable truck and automotive equipment from rust. Most common applications for cars and trucks include: 

    • Chasis
    • Doors
    • Frames
    • Vehicle Undercoating
    • Fuel Pans 
    • Suspension components 

    AgriGuard serves as an excellent direct to metal, surface tolerant coating that will prevent the spread of rust and protect your assets for years to come.


    In some cases, trailer manufacturers will apply the absolute cheapest paint possible following prior to shipping you your new trailer. Often times, this paint begins to fade within 6 months, with corrosion setting in shortly thereafter. AgriGuard remains a top choice for trailer owners throughout North America looking to protect their equipment and extend its useful life. 

    It is easily and effectively applied directly over bare steel and rusted areas to prevent corrosion and protect it from exterior road damage. Using AgriGuard prevents the spread of rust and is great for cattle + horse trailers, chassis, bodies, and work trailers.

    Storage Tanks & Silos

    Silos, storage tanks, compost bins, and all other metal storage systems can be coated with 

    AgriGuard.  For exterior applications exposed to sunlight, AgriGuard’s Aluminum finish offers an appearance similar to that of freshly galvanized steel or aluminum, making tanks, silos, compost bins and other storage systems appear as new. 

    AgriGuard Spray topcoats may be used directly over AgriGuard Rust Coater to provide a customized pigmented finish.

    Fencing & Enclosures

    Keep your cattle gates, fencing and perimeter enclosures free of damage is a key top priority for land owners and ranchers. Applied to existing fencing, railings and other components, AgriGuard will provide for a long-lasting and UV stable protective coating that will prevent the spread of rust, extend the life of your equipment for many many years.


    Trust AgriGuard™ for all of your home improvement and DIY needs.  AgriGuard™ can be used on all types of applications from your existing car or truck to flower boxes and stair railings. It's easy-to-use one step process allows for fast inexpensive repairs and long-term protection.

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