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Rust Prevention Coatings

AgriGuard™ can be used on all types of equipment to quickly encapsulate and prevent the spread of rust while providing a new-look finish that will last for several years. 

Farm Machinery

Prevent the spread of rust on tractors, combines, loaders and all other types of farm machinery.

Irrigation Systems

Keep sprinklers, manifolds, casings and other irrigation system components rust free.

Storage Systems

Silos, storage tanks, compost bins, and all other metal storage systems can be coated with AgriGuard. 


Keep your cattle gates, fencing and perimeter enclosures rust free and paint right over any rust that already exists.


Rusting trailers lead to lower lifespan. Using AgriGuard prevents the spread of rust and is great for cattle + horse trailers, chassis, bodies, and work trailers.

Farm Implements

Keep your plows, harrows, spreaders, seders and balers looking great and rust free with AgriGuard. 

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