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    Here at AgriGuard Coating Systems we pride ourselves on the lasting connections we make with our customers. Backed by 45 years of research and experience, no question is off limits when it comes to rust! Our team is here to help you with all your equipment needs! Have a question or want to learn more? Fill out the form below and a team member will get back to you!

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    Extend the life of your equipment with AgriGuard Coating Systems. We are here to help and provide our community with the most effective rust prevention solution available. With years of extensive research we want to share our best practices and how to’s with you. Many products claim to stop rust but nothing can stop rust permanently like AgriGuard. Check out our step by step guides and videos on the best steps for application and long-term protection. 

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    AgriGuard™ Coatings Rust Coater can be purchased in quarts or gallon units online or at selected retailers nationwide.

    Usually about 2-4 hours depending on humidity. The higher the humidity, the faster it will dry.

    This product may be applied over old rusted surfaces. A wire brush, sandpaper, steel wool or scotch-brite pads. Remove any loose rust or paint to leave a tight rusted surface. Wipe, wash or clean any remaining dirt, grease or debris.

    AgriGuard Rust Coater is available in two colors: Silver for outdoor use and Gloss Black for indoor use. We also offer Agriguard Performance Topcoats which are available in a wide variety of standard manufacturer colors.

    Yes, however the existing paint may delaminate or fail, preventing Agriguard™ from being effective.

    No. The aluminum finish is designed to last for several years outside without needing to be painted. If painting over AgriGuard™, please paint it soon after it cures to ensure proper topcoat adhesion. 

    No the aluminum finish will last for years outside. The back finish is not designed for direct sunlight however and should be used on interior chassis, frames or for covered surfaces. Sunlight will cause the black finish to chalk and turn grey over time.

    Yes - it can be used on wood and concrete as well.

    Yes - as with any chemical, solvent or paint you must take care to follow all safety precautions. Always use proper eye and skin protection when working with or near AgriGuard™. It dries very 

    fast and hard and is difficult to remove from skin once dry. Only use products in extremely well ventilated areas. If spraying through a spray gun, always use the proper NIOSH approved respirator.

    Rust Coater can be used as a primer or primer/topcoat to extend the life of any type of equipment: farm implements, heavy equipment, snow plows, lawn care, metal furniture, tanks, cattle gates, silos, irrigation systems, structures, AC and refrigeration units, pipes, offshore equipment, drilling equipment or vehicles. Virtually any metal surface exposed to a corrosive environment or affected by rust.