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    To soon to tell.

    Just got it painted on my snowmobile trailer. Will have to see what it looks like next spring.

    Works great and a gallon goes a long ways

    A lot of uses

    I found the product to have multiple applications for preventing rust and providing long lasting protection. Easy to apply and will likely be a go to solution for protecting metal surfaces.

    Haven’t used it yet

    Good stuff!

    I don't do implements but anything designed for them should be good for the bottom of a old Chevy. I painted the bottom of the new trunk floor with 2 coats. It was too windy to spray so I brushed/ rolled it. This stuff is SHINY. The weather made me rush the second coat and it didn't lay down as good as the first but its still good. I plan to paint the frame and floors with it. Oh and its still on my hand the next day so it sticks good.

    Excellent Coating!

    I used Agriguard to coat my rusty Chevrolet and it protects it perfectly! It really does dry on hard and thick, I will definitely be buying some more!

    Does what it says it will do!

    I used it for a rusty front end uni body frame on my car. Worked great did a good job encapsulating the rust. Wish that I would have had this product on my rear end wheel wells. I just used a undercoating probably won't last. Had to call to see if I needed a respirator for the paint on stuff they said to just well ventilate. Easy to get customer service.

    None Better

    I used this this on my 1972 EZ loader trailer hauling a 17 foot boat, Not a lot of rust. I believe its better than Hammerite brand paint that I can't get anymore. Just sanded and wiped it down with alcohol.
    No need to prime. The black paint went on easy using a three inch brush, It's thick enough so it doesn't drip easy. Hardly used a third of a quart for one thick coat, dries in about one to two hours. Be sure to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt as this paint cannot be removed just wears away.
    Also paint outside or wear a respirator. The trailer looks great. I highly recommend it.


    Second order , first usage wanted well . Very Happy outcome .

    Refurbished my horse trailer

    It only took 1 gallon of silver to do 2 coats on my 1976 horse trailer. I just sanded the big rust spots and paint chips, the prep was minimal. The paint is very fumey so I used a quality respirator. Buy a plastic paint bucket with lid to put unused paint so original can doesn’t seal on you, also have lots of extra brushes as I wasn’t sure how to clean and used new ones the next day. Turned out amazing

    AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

    AgriGuard Rust Coater

    I am restoring an old 1953 Ford truck. So far I've blasted the frame and painted it with black rustguard. Wow I am impressed with how easy and how well it protects the frame. I have the entire body apart and will do the same to it. I have e-mail ed Agriguard about different questions and they have answered every one..Great customer service and great product. I highly recommend buying from them. I know I sure will again. Thanks,Carl.

    Good stuff so far

    Using Ariguar Rust Coater

    I used Ariguard Rust Coater on my 150 year old cast iron fountain. Because the only colors available are black and aluminum used black as a primer coat. I then used Rustoium white as a finish coat.
    The Ariguard paint is a super quality product that is unlike any paint I ever used.
    I ordered 1 gallon for the job. In hindsight I should have ordered 2 quarts because the paint covers so. I had difficulty reopening the can the 2nd day because the paint hardens like epoxy. Once I did open the can the paint developed a thick scab which I had to puncture to get at the fresh paint .
    I did use gloves with rubberized fingers and palms but I did get some paint on my hands which took a week to get off. I did not like the fact that there is no handle on the can. All in all I think the product is superior. I just wish it was available in other colors.



    Agriguard boat trailer application ;

    I recently used your product, Agriguard for the first time. I ordered it over the phone and it arrived in only two days which was great. I applied it to a 1997 EZ-Loader tandem boat trailer. The trailer has been kept outside and uncovered since purchased. For most of its life it has been used in fresh water on the Great Lakes, but it has seen service in salt water for three or four years during the winter in the state of Florida. I prepped it by pressure washing it, wire brushing it, hand sanding it and then using a liquid sander to finish the preparation. I spot primed (brushed) the bare rusted areas first. Then I primed the entire trailer with both a brush and roller with two coats of Agriguard. The Agriguard applied quit nicely, by which I mean, smoothly and it seemed to cover and penetrate nicely. I used the black Agriguard and then top coated the entire trailer with two coats of a white gloss industrial enamel, and black on the axels. At this time, I can only speak on this products ease of application and apparent level of penetration. I'm looking forward to see how this product holds up over a number of years. I'm hopefully optimistic, as this product seemed to penetrate into all of the nooks and crannies and seemed to be very hard and impervious when dry. Time will tell ! JP

    Coating Trailer axles

    Had some surface rust on the axles. Scuffed them off and applied the AgriGuard. It brushed on easy and dried to a hard protective finish. I'd use this product for any similar rust condition.

    rust coater

    great product and fast delivery ,this rust coater bonds tight to rusty metal is easy to apply and looks good, be sure to apply in well ventilated area fumes are quite strong .

    great product

    paint came very quickly

    I was happy with the speed of delivery. I bought 2 gallons both cans were dented but seems to be no leaks. I haven't had a chance to use but will put a better review in when I do.

    Great product/Great service

    I ordered a gallon of aluminum and received a gallon of black that was mislabeled as aluminum. I contacted Agrigard and they sent out a replacement gallon of aluminum right away. The paint applies easily and coats well, it is very important to follow the instructions regarding surface preparation and storage of leftover paint. Make sure to use in a well ventilated area. The paint dries hard as a rock and adheres very well. Seems like a great product.


    This is some tough paint. It will go over rust and give you long lasting protection. This was my first time to purchase AgriGuard. I would definitely purchase it again. Beware do not get on you clothes or body. It will not come off. I don’t care what you use once it dries it’s on too stay.

    If one is painting two coats of black, add something to first coat to lighten up black so you can...

    It works well..

    Spotty coverage

    Applied the product using several different China made brushes. Used thin layers when applied. When the product dried, seem to shrink and leave spots all our my piece I painted.