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AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
David Celento

Too early to assess durability for rust, but a foam brush was tested for application (but was too weak) and it was tossed into a dump truck. Had to use a crowbar to pry the rock hard foam brush off bottom of the filthy deck when at the dump! 😂 IMPRESSIVE STRENGTH AND ADHESION!!!

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Steven Becker
Good product

Good product but must be used with adequate ventilation.

Best rust protector

This is our third time using AgriGuard on expensive GoBob hay preservers. Our two previous repairs have remained rust free despite being in moist to wet feed areas in constant use and exposure to cattle, their saliva, urine and feces. We just had our third one repaired and immediately ordered your product for long lasting superior protection.

Agri Guard Rust Coating

Agri Guard rust coating is a quality product at a economy price. Does a great job

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
melvin ruffin
Rust blaster

I have a 2010 Dodge ram 1500 and it’s full of rust. This product was the first choice from research on rust repair. It’s love rust and rustiest surfaces. The drawback it’s doesn’t like clean painted materials.

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Kenneth Hemeon
tuff stuff

I have been using for awhile now. have used on 3 vehicles and 2 trailers. My neighbor cursed me when doing repairs on my flat bet because it was so hard to get off. my other neighbor knocked the can over put the lid back on while we tried to clean the the mess in my gravel driveway I now have a speed bump holding up very well. It took me 20 minutes to get the lid off the next day thats some tuff stuff

It's definitely some tough stuff! We will have to add speed bumps to our list of applications LOL! Thank you for your review, Kenneth.


order was received in a short time and it works perfectly

Thank you for your review Troy. We appreciate the feedback.

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

Thank you for your review.

Defective Spray Can

I have purchased this product on several occasions with good results. My last can did not work, there was no pressure.

Your new can is on its way!

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Andrew Weaver
Great stuff.

This is great s
tuff. It soaks right through rust and I can paint right over it.

Thank you for your review Andrew! We really appreciate it!

Dump trailer

I recently did an overhaul on a dump trailer that was very rusty! I did sand blast most of it but couldn’t get everything. I applied the black agriguard and it looks awesome and the paint seems very durable! I highly recommend this product!

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Harlan in Dayton Texas
Agriguard Rust Coating Uses Unlimited

I have been a Agriguard Coatings Customer for two, going on three years now! This Rust Coating Product is like No Other! It simply Stops Rust in it's tracks! I was and still am Amazed at how well this Product Works! If you need a Tough Dependable Rust Coating Preventitive, this is it! Keep the Product stored around 70 degrees. After opening. clean the can lid off real good before closing. Apply if possible in warmer weather because the drying time will be Minimal. It's good to Remove All loose Rust prior to Application. No Sandblasting needed. I use a wire brush or sandpaper. The Surface needs to be dry and a second coat, if needed can be applied the same day; if the product is completely dry! I highly recommend Throw-Away Cheap Paint Brushes for Application. I Strongly Recommend The Silver and Black Agriguard Rust Coating on Metal, Steel and alike surfaces. Agriguard Sales Personnel are easy to work with and will assist in any way to help the Customer. My recent Purchase was on December 1st 2021. I am a Very Satisfied Agriguard Coatings Customer!


Great customer service. I had lost shipment replaced immediately and without cost.

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Forrest Comstock

Coats good and gives a good finish

works great

Sprayed the under carriage of my truck, covered good dries fast and leaves a hard finish. Ordered a second gallon to do my son's jeep.

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
Michael Jauquet

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

Excellent company

Haven’t used the product as yet, but I’m sure it will work as described because Agriguard has integrity and stands behind their product.
Jim S

Easy fix!

I have a roto tiller that had no primer applied when new- so paint was peeling off like paper.
I disassembled tiller, sanded/ roughed up all surfaces with 4” grinder with sanding disk. power washed, and brush painted with Agriguard. Came out great!
Was able to assemble after 4 hours of painting. I used approx 1/2 quart to paint the 48” tiller. I’m a fan now!

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater
ronald spadaccino

Draped and sanded with 80 grit cleaned and it did not stick to some of the bare metal

Rust Coater Silver

Product arrived undamaged.Be aware that when opening the shipping box that it is filled with vermiculite absorbent granules that will spill out. I used Rust Coater to cover unsightly surface rust on four wheel hubs on a 2014 VW.The paint was easy to apply and covered in one coat and greatly improved the look of the wheels. Very satisfied with Agriguard and would recommend the product. My only complaint is this project only took about 8-10 oz. so I have most of a quart left with no use for it. Too bad they don’t sell smaller quantities.

Great product but know beforehand the black paint isn't for use in the sun!

It needs to be placed prominently in the description that the black paint is not uv stable. That is don't use where exposed to the sun! Wish I knew this before I just painted my utility trailer.

Lincoln undercoating

Using as undercoating on a 64 continental restoration. Nice glossy finish and smooth surface

Excellent product

Very tough stuff, left a wet brush on the concrete and had to chip it off !

Seems to be a good product, instructions unclear , performance will be determined in time

Product seems durable, the aluminum seems slightly dull and didn’t layout (left brush marks) black laid out great, but is a high gloss vs gloss. (Perhaps a matter of opinion). I applied the black to a back bumped looks and feels great my only concern is it has made the bumper slippery when wet... Do you guys have recommend additive to add grit/texture to paint to get grip when stepping on and off bumper? Also, I felt a bit confused as to how to clean up as there are not clear instructions on can. What is the solvent base? Also it says the product can be sprayed, but since I don’t know the solvent I wouldn’t know how to clean my gun. Considering spraying, what type of spray gun is recommended? Airless, hvlp ? Is there recommended tip sizes while spraying, and/or pump pressure recommendations?