Rust Prevention Coatings

For years, Agriguard has been the standard for high-performance rust prevention coatings on all types of applications. It's easy to use 3-step process does not require sandblasting and can be brushed right over rusted or bare steel. Agriguard dries in a matter of hours to get you back up and running.

Agriguard provides long-lasting protection for steel structures, agrigultural equipment, construction machinery, marine applications and much more! To learn more about how Agriguard can help you preserve your valuable equipment assets, contact us today for a free consultation.

Heavy Equipment

Jobsite Proven

Agriguard is a major provider to all types of heavy equipment manufacturers and fleet equipment owners for construction, mining, and much more.

Suitable for application right on the jobsite, Agriguard offers construction equipment owners and mechanics a highly durable and fast-dryingcoating system that will keep equipment looking new and protected fromcorrosion.

Farm Machinery & Implements

Agriguard Rust Coater and Agriguard Spray topcoats have been designed for the rigors of daily agricultural operations and exposure to the environment.

Used on all types of agricultural equipment, Agriguard prevents the spread of rust on tractors, combines, loaders and all other types of farm machinery for several years.

Not just any paint, Agriguard seeks out moisture on the surface and reacts with it, leaving a highly durable and impermeable coating that protects against rust for several years.

Automotive & Truck

Agriguard is an ideal solution for all types of automotiveand truck applications. It has been used for years by professional restorationand repair body shops to refurbish and protect valuable truck and automotiveequipment from rust. Most common applications for cars and trucks include:

-      Chasis & Frames

-      Vehicle Undercoating

-      Fuel Pans

-      Suspension components

Agriguard serves as an excellent direct to metal, surfacetolerant coating that will prevent the spread of rust and protect your assetsfor years to come.

Tanks & Silos

Silos, storage tanks, compost bins, and all other metal storage systems can be coated with AgriGuard. 

For exterior applications exposed to sunlight, Agriguard’s Aluminum finish offers an appearance similar to that of freshly galvanized steel or aluminum, making tanks, silos, compost bins and other storage systems appear as new.

Agriguard Spray topcoats may be used directly over AgriguardRust Coater to provide a customized pigmented finish.

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