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    AgriGuard Rust Coater and AgriGuard Spray Topcoats have been specifically designed for the rigors of daily operations and exposure to the environment. Used on all types of agricultural equipment, AgriGuard prevents the spread of rust on tractors, combines, loaders and all other types of farm machinery and implements.

    At AgriGuard we know how expensive it can be to replace or purchase new farm machinery, that’s why we created a proprietary polymer formulation specifically designed to encapsulate rust and weathered metal. This unique coating directly attacks corrosion deposits and permeates directly through to the underlying steel, which results in a highly integral, rock-hard, permanent protective finish that prevents rust from creeping into surrounding metal. 

    Protect your machinery for years to come with AgriGuard Coating Systems. Follow these tips for rust prevention on all your equipment:

    • Clean machinery after each use
    Farm Equipment is exposed to many elements that can be corrosive when coming into contact with. We recommend washing all your equipment after each use to prevent damage and keep rust out.

    • Store Machinery Indoors
    Long exposure to wind, rain, heat, and snow damages the exterior of your equipment which leads to rust. Make sure your equipment is stored in a dry area or covered properly.

    • Protect Your Investment with AgriGuard
    Apply AgriGuard Rust Coater and AgriGuard Spray Topcoats to your products to keep moisture out and prevent rust.  

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