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    Looking for a paint over rust coater that will keep your cattle gates, fencing and perimeter enclosures free of damage? If you’re a land owner or rancher, this is a key top priority for you and we have just the products to help! 

    Applied to existing fencing, railings and other components, AgriGuard will provide a long-lasting and UV stable protective coating that will prevent the spread of rust, extending the life of your fencing for many years. 

    Our paint is perfect for application over rusty metal with little to no sanding prior as it penetrates deep to attack corrosion and stop the spread of rust! Simply apply the rust coating paint to your fencing following our simple and easy to follow directions, allow it to dry, and seal with our AgriGuard Top Coat!

    Revive your fencing today with AgriGuard Rust Coater and Top Coat.

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