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    Rust prevention starts with AgriGuard. Our rust coating paint will protect your trailer for generations to come. It is easily and effectively applied directly over bare steel and rusted areas to prevent corrosion and protect it from exterior road damage. Our proprietary polymer formulation was specifically designed to encapsulate rust on a deeper level by attacking corrosion deposits and permeating directly through to the underlying steel. This leaves a durable and high performance finish while continuing to prevent the future spread of rust. 

    In some cases, trailer manufacturers will apply the absolute cheapest paint possible prior to shipping you your new trailer. Oftentimes, this paint begins to fade within 6 months, with corrosion setting in shortly thereafter. This combined with harsh winters, wet springs and general wear from transporting goods and livestock will hasten the spread of rust. 

    Using AgriGuard prevents the spread of rust and is great for use on:

    • Cattle & horse trailers
    • Chassis 
    • Bodies
    • Work trailers

    AgriGuard remains a top choice for trailer owners throughout North America looking to protect their equipment and extend its useful life. If you’re looking for a paint with a proven corrosion inhibitor, AgriGuard is the rust encapsulator for you. 

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