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AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater is a revolutionary Coat Over Rust Primer/Finish that prevents rust from spreading while offering a durable high-performance finish. Suitable for all types of agricultural equipment including implements, tractors and silos. Protect your investments today with AgriGuard™.

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Troy Coward

order was received in a short time and it works perfectly

Thank you for your review Troy. We appreciate the feedback.

Rory Mc Rory

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

Thank you for your review.

Andrew Weaver
Great stuff.

This is great s
tuff. It soaks right through rust and I can paint right over it.

Thank you for your review Andrew! We really appreciate it!

Dump trailer

I recently did an overhaul on a dump trailer that was very rusty! I did sand blast most of it but couldn’t get everything. I applied the black agriguard and it looks awesome and the paint seems very durable! I highly recommend this product!

Harlan in Dayton Texas
Agriguard Rust Coating Uses Unlimited

I have been a Agriguard Coatings Customer for two, going on three years now! This Rust Coating Product is like No Other! It simply Stops Rust in it's tracks! I was and still am Amazed at how well this Product Works! If you need a Tough Dependable Rust Coating Preventitive, this is it! Keep the Product stored around 70 degrees. After opening. clean the can lid off real good before closing. Apply if possible in warmer weather because the drying time will be Minimal. It's good to Remove All loose Rust prior to Application. No Sandblasting needed. I use a wire brush or sandpaper. The Surface needs to be dry and a second coat, if needed can be applied the same day; if the product is completely dry! I highly recommend Throw-Away Cheap Paint Brushes for Application. I Strongly Recommend The Silver and Black Agriguard Rust Coating on Metal, Steel and alike surfaces. Agriguard Sales Personnel are easy to work with and will assist in any way to help the Customer. My recent Purchase was on December 1st 2021. I am a Very Satisfied Agriguard Coatings Customer!