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AgriGuard™ Rust Coater

AgriGuard™ Rust Coater is a revolutionary Coat Over Rust Primer/Finish that prevents rust from spreading while offering a durable high-performance finish. Suitable for all types of agricultural equipment including implements, tractors and silos. Protect your investments today with AgriGuard™.

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Emerson
Not satisfied

We aren’t sure about your product. As we used it and the rust is started to bleed through it,

Nick Mac
Lincoln undercoating

Using as undercoating on a 64 continental restoration. Nice glossy finish and smooth surface

john maguire
Excellent product

Very tough stuff, left a wet brush on the concrete and had to chip it off !

Cullan Lee
Seems to be a good product, instructions unclear , performance will be determined in time

Product seems durable, the aluminum seems slightly dull and didn’t layout (left brush marks) black laid out great, but is a high gloss vs gloss. (Perhaps a matter of opinion). I applied the black to a back bumped looks and feels great my only concern is it has made the bumper slippery when wet... Do you guys have recommend additive to add grit/texture to paint to get grip when stepping on and off bumper? Also, I felt a bit confused as to how to clean up as there are not clear instructions on can. What is the solvent base? Also it says the product can be sprayed, but since I don’t know the solvent I wouldn’t know how to clean my gun. Considering spraying, what type of spray gun is recommended? Airless, hvlp ? Is there recommended tip sizes while spraying, and/or pump pressure recommendations?

David Hinners
Expensive, but good quality

Not perfect, but so far, better than everything else I've tried. Still on single coat. Good after 3 weeks!