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AgriGuard has been used for years by professional restoration and repair body shops to refurbish and protect cars, trucks and trailers from rust. Most common applications include: Chassis Doors FramesVehicle/ Truck Undercoating Fuel Pans Suspension components AgriGuard serves as an excellent direct to metal, surface tolerant coating that will prevent the spread of rust and protect your assets for years to come.

Fence Rust Coating
Key features of using AgriGuard to prevent rust include: • Multi Purpose Corrosion Resistance AgriGuard Rust Coater products are specially engineered polymer products specifically designed to coat over and encapsulate rust and corrosion on weathered metal bonding the rust to the metal to prevent any corrosive material from permeating through to the metal substrate to continue causing rust to spread while revitalizing the part or structure to endure many more years of useful protected life. Many products claim to stop rust but nothing stops rust permanently like AgriGuard does. • Easy Application & Quick Drying TimeProduct can be bushed, rolled or sprayed and after 3 hours of drying time you can prepare your topcoat for application. • Saves Money Rust can cause serious problems with vehicles. Using our AgriGuard Rust Coater and Topcoat Spray prevents rust damage and preserves the life of your vehicle before it becomes a financial burden. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

Agriguard’s unique coating formulation offers a simple 1-step process for application directly over both bare metal as well as existing corrosion. It provides outstanding adhesion and long-term durability. Agriguard's UV stable finish is highly chemical resistant and suitable for the most demanding exterior environments.

Agriguard may be brushed rolled or sprayed onto existing fencing with minimal surface preparation or treatment. It dries in a few hours and will completely encapsulate and prevent the spread of corrosion for many years to come. 

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